1962 Corvette LS2 6.0L and 4L65E Swap

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Back in January a customer ordered a LS2 6.0L and 4L65E kit from us. He recently received his kit and has been working many hours since. The end goal is a nice resto-mod Corvette.

In test fitting the 2005 GTO LS2 6.0L and 4L65E on the 1962 Corvette frame he ran into fitment issues with the GTO front accessories. The plan to run the Vintage Air A/C system requires 11.75″ from center of crank shaft to outside edge of A/C compressor and he has exactly 11.87″ just enough to fit it. However on the drivers side of the engine the alternator and power steering pump location. We are currently sourcing him a 2006 Corvette accessories bracket as well as the Corvette alternator and power steering pump.

After doing several measurements for placing the motor mounts a body test fit was done to be 100% sure before welds were made.

He wanted to be absolutely certain that the engine would be at the proper height for hood clearance and general placement with the body set on the chassis before the motor mounts were welded to the frame.

He then dropped the body onto the frame.

He finally got the car back under his own roof after it spending a little while at the body shop. You can see he has the Corvette accessories now in place and not causing any fitment issues. 

Back from the body shop.

We just recently shipped him down a 2004 GTO floor shifter that he is going to try and fabricate as the restomod gear shifter. The last generation of GTO’s certainly had one of the nicer looking floor shifters from the factory.