24 Hour LS Swap Install!

Watch the Live Stream of our 24 LS Swap attempt!

Check out the build and specs as we prepare for the live swap event:


This will get you up to date on what exactly is being done to the E36 and showcases how simple our Swap Ready Turnkey LS pallets are! If you are curious on what all comes with one of our Swap Ready Turnkey pallets check out our info page here: TURNKEY PALLET INFO

To see what Turnkey Pallets we currently have available check them out here: Available Turnkey Pallets



Here is a time lapse of the full 21 hours it took us to complete the LS swap!


5 thoughts on “24 Hour LS Swap Install!

  1. How did the E36 turn out? I am wanting to do an LS3/T56 swap in my E36 M3.
    I have been looking at your LS3 6.2L + TR6060 6-Speed Manual Turnkey LS Pallet Kit and I see it is rated at 426hp. I also see you offer a cam upgrades, what you recommend to bring the LS3 up a little bit but keep it very streetable?

  2. Greg, The E36 turned out great. We have been extremely busy building kits and have not finished it 100% yet but is is 90% done. These new LS engines are very streetable with cams in them and are not “rough to daily drive” like an older SBC pushing 400+ hp. Our LS3 kit with a mild cam and headers would certainly pass 450 hp easily with a good tune on the dyno after you got it installed. We can certainly get you set up with it!

  3. Cool! Would mind telling me what headers and mounting kit you used in the e36? I will be certainly be keeping an eye on your site!

  4. We used the CX RACING E36 Swap kit. Headers, Engine Mounts, and Transmission mount(required a little modification to fit).

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