Turnkey Pallet Info

We build Turnkey Swap Ready Pallet kits with you in mind.

Here is what we do:

  • Remove Security/VATS(Vehicle Anti-Theft System) or PATS(Ford's Passive Anti-Theft System)
  • Modify the wiring harness to be swap ready
    • Remove all unnecessary plugs
    • Pre-wire fuel pump relay and pump
    • Pre-wire cooling fan relays and fans
    • Include fuse block for ECM and relays
    • Pre-wire OBD2 connector
    • Pre-wire an ignition switch
    • On drive by wire engines we pre-wire the pedal assembly
  • Mount on a custom pallet.
  • Install radia

At an additional cost we can:

  • Install custom radiator/cooling fans that bolt directly into your project
  • Install custom fit headers that will mount directly into your project
  • Install upgraded intake manifolds, throttle bodies.
  • Dyno tune the engine
  • Install the kit into your project car

So what is left to complete my installation?

You will:

  • Need mounts to fit your chassis
  • Have a driveshaft made
  • Custom exhaust or aftermarket headers
  • Modify your car to fit the supplied radiator or supply your own
  • Integrate wiring harness into your existing harness
    • Power to our harness
    • Ignition power
    • Tach signal
    • Vehicle Speed (works with most aftermarket speedometers)
    • Mount ECM
    • Mount OBD2 connector
    • Mount fuse box
    • Install throttle pedal on drive by wire engines
  • Connect throttle cable
  • Adapter power steering hoses

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